Caspar Berger

Universe / Self-portrait 45

Golden Room
Universe / Self-portrait 45 marks the starting point of the Universe project and consists of an enclosure (case) cast in gold enclosing an identical image of the physical space within my skull, and appears to have the characteristics of a reliquary. The interior space was made “tangible” using a CT scan and 3D printer. This physical room is occupied by my brain and cerebrospinal fluid.

Common system
Countless philosophers have considered whether the world outside this room is the same for each of us. This is a complicated question, but it is a given that in order to function within a society, we have to allign ourselves to a common system of conventions and constructions of “consciousness” in physical, social and political sense.

These constructs are the core of this work and the starting point for the entire Universe series, which is based upon questions regarding freedom and restraint, privacy and social behavior, and the capacity for self-development and self-determination within a humanistic tradition. I hope to make these phenomena visible and tangible with a new series of sculptures and installations, with which the speculation about its contents begins.