Caspar Berger

Self-portrait 3

A three-dimensional self-portrait
Unlike painting, where the self-portrait already has a long tradition, sculptors rarely depict themselves. This is related to the technical and physical difficulties of the genre. A painter has enough to a mirror, canvas and paint to realize his image. For sculptors, who work three-dimensionally, this is much more more complicated.

Technical and physical obstacles
For my third self-portrait, Self-portrait 3, I artistically challenged myself by creating a setting like that of a painter. Sitting in front of a mirror, I used silicone and liquid plaster to make the molds needed for a cast of myself in bronze, without any help. These physical limitations determined the final result of the image. In the process, as a sculptor, I overcame several technical and physical obstacles.

A self-portrait as a sculptor
Because my arms could not reach far enough, the back of Self-portrait 3 was left open and as a result of the necessary keeping my eyes open , the eyes are missing in the sculpture. Self-portrait 3 thus fits into the rich traditional setting: a self-portrait of a sculptor made in the setting of a painter.