Caspar Berger

Narcissus / Self-portrait 15

Portrait in the Mirror
For painted self-portraits, the term ‘ritratto allo specchio’ was used: portrait in the mirror. It is this description that formed the starting point for this work.

The work consists of a silver egg shape that calls to mind a classical measuring instrument. Silver is the material traditionally used in mirrors.

Three-dimensional Self-portrait
The implement can be carried in a box, and dispayed on specially designed brass stands. Once opened, the sphere turns out to contain a three-dimensional self-portrait of the artist – in positive and in negative, the two fitting together precisely. This makes it appear as though we can see both the inside and the outside of the artist. Just like looking at one’s own face in the mirror.

Mythological Narcissus
We must be careful not to look at our own reflection too much, or else, like the mythological Narcissus, we might fall in love with ourselves and just waste away.