Caspar Berger


The betrayal of Judas
The apostle Judas was erased from the official group of apostles after he betrayed Jesus. And yet without this act, history would have turned out very differently. It is notable that the place of Judas after his betrayal and subsequent suicide was taken by a new apostle, Matthias. This replacement was not only an attempt to “restore” discomfort over Judas’ actions, but also to preserve the symmetry of the sculpture gallery.

Judas as a mirror
For me as an artist, Judas shows us humanity and its weakness. Man who, driven by greed, appears willing to commit treason.

Cultural history programming
Judas is sitting here, his loot in his hand. He has made his choice. But we’re only human, and nothing human is alien to us. so Judas holds up a mirror to all of us – all the more reason to portray him.