Caspar Berger

Imago / Self-portrait 5

Image: built-up construction
In classical sculpture, it was usually rulers and notables who were honored with a bronze bust. This was not only because of their person as such, but mainly to underscore their carefully constructed image. After all, an image is what a person wants to keep up with those familiar to him or her, or the public.

Image: ideal self
Now anyone who wishes to do so, can use all kind of means to emphasize their image. But what happens if our identity (literally ‘unity of being’) is no longer in touch with our created ideal self?

Self-portrait and our own selves
In Imago / Self-portrait 5, a bronze bust with a robust exterior, the image is actually on the inside, making it a self-portrait that ‘looks back’ at one’s own ‘self’. Because and let’s be honest, while carfully constructing our own image (our ideal self), we must eventually be able to look ourselves straight in the eye.