Caspar Berger


Family, a social group
When you are born, in most cases, you immediately become part of a family, large or small. The close blood ties create a social group, whether you like it or not. But nothing stays the same forever. At first, this group might seem unbreakable and indestructible, but over time the ‘skin’ becomes thinner.

Family, memory and exaltation
In this work, I have captured my own family members in everlasting bronze, exaltation in remembrance and admiration. The six bronze “portraits” displayed side by side could have been accidentally fished up from deep seas, just like the dancing satyr unearthed near Alexandria, a fragment of a Roman bronze.

Veneration and decay
The bronze portraits derive their status from their material, only the erosion of time has done its work. This unintended beauty provides ample space for fantasy at the interface of figuration and abstraction, oscillating between worship and decay.