Caspar Berger

Ego Vivo / Self-portrait 25

The monument Ego Vivo / Self-portrait 25 was first erected in 2013, during the open-air exhibition ‘Blickachsen 9’ near Frankfurt, where it was presented as part of my Skeleton series. Then it went to Festival Lowlands followed by several years of exposition in the sculpture gardens of Kasteel het Nijenhuis, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle. Now the work can be seen from the end of April in the ‘Inner Voice’ exhibition in Fondacio NUMA, Espais de Cultura, Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain.

There are few people today who create a monument in their own honour. Yet life is an amazing miracle, and everyone deserves to erect a monument to themselves during their lifetime.

Monument to celebrate life itself
I had an exact 3D copy made of my upper arm bone using a CT scan. I then had this enlarged, cast in bronze and placed on a pedestal. It’s an eight-meter-high monument to myself while I’m still alive, by way of inspiration to everyone else.