Caspar Berger

Dutch announcement: culture in action

CULTURE IN ACTION is a Dutch chain demonstration through which we call attention to the importance of the cultural sector.

We desperately need to raise our voices and stand up for our culture.
We represent 3.7% of the Gross National Product. By comparison, the airline industry as a whole accounts for 3.2 percent of GDP. We represent 300,000 jobs. Together with 700,000 volunteers, we provide 100% culture. Our industry has been hit hard by measures to combat coronavirus. Singing, performing, visiting a museum or festival, all can no longer be done the way we used to.

Artists, performers, cultural companies and organizations, freelancers and many others working directly or indirectly in the cultural sector therefore lack income. Our goal is: broader political support as well as raising awareness that culture is not a leisure activity, but of vital importance.

On line: from Saturday, May 30 to/June 5, 10.00-10.00, available at